Devora Levin is an artist, writer, and educator. She has an M.Ed. in Art Education from the University of Victoria and an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Bar Ilan University, and has taught creative art and writing workshops to all ages in formal and informal settings.

Artist Statement

My creative practice is about encountering the chaotic and alienating influences of life, honouring fleeting experience, and engaging with the subtle languages of the world without and within. It is about giving form to a feeling that cannot be articulated, expressing and celebrating not-fully-conscious processes and perceptions, and weaving visual and poetic narratives that bear witness to my experience. In my art and writing, I am asking (sometimes begging) the world to give up glimmers of meaning.

Educational Philosophy

As a creative arts educator, I aim to create a space where students can safely, playfully, and deeply engage with the images and themes that populate our lives. I believe that we are all creative beings who need a place where we can process our experiences, experiment, take risks, play, and really pay attention to what is. The blank canvas, the blank page, the tools of creative activity, are invitations to inquire, explore, and communicate something essential and vital about our experiences, our thoughts, and our dreams.


Please feel free to contact me at devoralevinstudios@gmail.com with any questions or comments about my art or workshops.